Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze Up?

Did you know that an estimated 90 percent of homes in the United States of America have an air conditioner? Having air conditioning in your home is essential if you want to keep interior temperatures cool and relaxing during those sweltering summer days. Nothing is worse than discovering that you have a faulty air conditioner in the heart of summer.

Having an understanding of why do air conditioners freeze up is important if you plan on using an air conditioner to keep your home cool for your family this summer. The good news is that you’ve found the right place to learn all about how to fix an air conditioner and prevent freeze-ups.

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Dirty Air Filter

One of the main reasons that air conditioners freeze up is due to a dirty air filter. The main purpose of the air filter in your home’s air conditioner is to catch particles and debris from the air and prevent them from getting circulated around your home. It doesn’t take long for things like pet hair, pollutants, and allergens to get caught up in the ducts and the air filter.

You’re in for some trouble with your air conditioner if the air filter is restricting the flow of air throughout your home. The main reason why this will turn your air conditioner into a bad air conditioner is the fact that the moisture from the humidity will start to freeze.

Don’t wait too long if you fear that this issue is happening with your home’s air conditioner. The air conditioner’s coils will start to freeze when they collect humidity if you run your AC with a dirty air filter. You’re better off hiring a local AC repair service and saving money in the long run.

Leaking Refrigerant

Another reason that air conditioners freeze up is due to the refrigerant in the AC starting to leak. You’ll want to check the condenser unit of the air conditioner to see if this is the problem with your faulty air conditioner. You can tell by looking at the side panels and seeing if they’re frozen.

A lack of refrigerant will cause the air conditioning coils to reach too low of a temperature. The air getting brought into the air conditioner by the air filter will then freeze when it interacts with these AC coils. It’s also common for a bad air conditioner to make a hissing sound when it is leaking refrigerant.

The Fan Is Bad

A bad fan is another common culprit when it comes to why do air conditioners freeze up. The fan causes the air conditioner to freeze over because it limits the volume of airflow into the air conditioning unit. The cold air won’t get where it is supposed to go if the fan isn’t propelling it in that direction.

If your air conditioner continues to run with no action from the fan then it is a matter of time until the coils reach a point where they freeze. It doesn’t take long for the water droplets in your AC unit to build up and reach a point where they can freeze the coils.

Outside Temps Are Too Low

Many people don’t realize that it’s a bad idea to run your air conditioner when the outdoor temps are lower than 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioning units need a certain interior temperature in order to function as designed. If the outside temperature gets too low then the pressure inside the unit will plummet.

If you feel that the interior temps in your home are too warm then the best solution is to open your home’s windows. It will let the warm air leave your home and allow the cool, crisp air from outside to make its way into your home.

Always check the thermostat on the AC unit when you know that a cold front is coming through. The AC needs to cool the air down almost 20 degrees cooler than your desired room temp. It’s easy to make air conditioners freeze up when you’re trying to cool the house down with lower outside temperatures.

Unclean Air Ducts

The air ducts that transport the cold air throughout your home when you’re running your air conditioner need to get cleaned with some regularity. There is a common trend when it comes to the reasons behind a faulty air conditioner, and they all involve a lack of airflow within the AC unit.

You’ll need airflow if you want the AC unit to remove the hot air from your home and replace it with cooler air. Having dirty air ducts will make that task next to impossible. It’s good to get your home’s air ducts cleaned by a professional every few years.

Bent Condenser Fins

It’s also worth checking to see if the reason why your air conditioner is freezing is due to bent condenser fins on the unit. These fins require some maintenance throughout the year to make sure that they don’t get clogged with pet dander, pollen, and other debris. Clogged or bent fins will limit the amount of air that reaches the interior of the unit.

The good news is that it’s easy for you to clean condenser fans without professional help. You can wash them down with a hose as a way to keep dust, pollen, and debris away. It’s also wise to bend any bent fins back into their original positions if possible as this will prevent a faulty air conditioner.

Now You Know Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze Up

Having an idea of why do air conditioners freeze up will make it much easier to fix an air conditioner if yours goes out in the midst of a heat wave. Checking the condenser fans for clogs and damage is a great starting point, but you should also get your home’s ducts cleaned by a professional. It’s also good to check the air filter to ensure that it isn’t clogged and causing your air conditioners to freeze up.

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