The 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Revealed

Aside from its economic growth,.neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have a thriving art scene, a flavorful food scene, and a group of lovely communities to call home. This city manages to the beneficial thing and employment of a massive city.

Pittsburgh is ranked among the top as one of the most liveable environment cities in the country. Recently named one of the greatest cities in the world to consider relocating to in America, one of the most intimate cities for boomers and safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh to live.

All of us have various criteria for what we want from a neighborhood. Even so, one aspect currently ranks first on most priority priorities: safety. Discovering a safe area for you and your relatives is crucial to having fun in Pittsburgh or just about any city.

Continue reading to learn everything necessary about the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

1. Fairywood

Fairywood is in Pittsburgh’s West End- has a bad reputation. It was before associated with two things: massive ex-urban storage facilities and high crime rates. It is the seventh safest community. Fairywood also contains Broadhead Manor. A former public housing estate that has been recaptured by nature, creating massive space in the area. The majority of the community has become urban prairie.

2. North Oakland

North Oakland is a neighborhood in Oakland. Besides becoming one of Pittsburgh’s major cultural hubs, the area is the city’s universal health care and academic center point. North Oakland is Pittsburgh’s ninth safest area, with crime levels lower than city averages.

3. Greenfield

Greenfield is in the south of the city of metropolis Pittsburgh. Greenfield is the tenth most secure area. It is a mountainous, kinship area with stunning views of the city skyline. The residences range from Pittsburgh to Victorians. You may visit industry Pittsburgh for some luxurious features.

4. Ridgemont

Ridgemont has fewer crimes than the national average earning it the top among the best. Ridgemont is the most protected place and one of the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

The neighborhood is almost domestic, with only a grocery store and a post office on its advertising strip. This silent and comfortable community is a short drive to downtown while preserving its residential charm. Residents can enjoy the neighborhood-populated green areas after a day of grinding.

5. Westwood

The Westwood area is located in Greater West End.

Locals frequently refer to Westwood as the crown jewel of the West End. The neighborhood elementary is among the most prestigious in the city, and crime is extremely low. Westwood ranks sixth on our list of least dangerous communities.

Raising a Family in One of the Safest Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

It could be even more challenging in a city like where to live in Pittsburgh. Locate the best Pennsylvanian area for you and your family based on crime statistics, amenities, and actions that interest you. Explore it all in the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

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