Safety Tips for Clearing a Plot of Land

Roughly half of all new homes that are built today are custom-built homes. This is because people are starting to learn that buying a “floor plan” home doesn’t necessarily suit their needs and lifestyle.

A custom-built home means you as the homeowner get to pick out everything inside and outside in every little detail. Along with that, you also get to pick out where you want to build your house. This means purchasing a home on a “fixer-upper” plot of land and bringing it to the way you want it to look and feel.

Learning and executing land clearing and safety tips can be the difference between a smooth and enjoyable project and a disastrous one. Here are several fool-proof ideas for clearing land for a building project.

Always Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

Whenever you are attempting to clear a plot of land, it’s very important to wear the proper safety gear. This includes protective clothing such as long pants and safety boots, as well as safety glasses and a hard hat.

Work gloves should also be used to protect your hands from cuts, scratches, and blisters from working with sharp tools and heavy machinery. It’s also a good idea to utilize hearing protection when operating power tools and machines, as exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing.

Whenever possible, use long-handled tools to maintain a safe distance away from the job site.

Set Emergency Safety Measures in Place

Utilize caution tape and visible markers to display the boundaries of your work area, ensuring that the property is off-limits to others. Before beginning the land-clearing process check for any underground wires or graves.

Always use the best equipment for clearing land and take extra protection during tree removal when using chainsaws, ensuring that the chains are in excellent condition.

Research and adhere to local regulations and safety standards. Understand the machinery that you’ll be using so that you know properly operate and maintain it.

Utilize the Proper Tools

Using the wrong tools can increase the risk of injury and damage to the land. It is best to start with a chainsaw, as it can quickly cut large branches and trees. For areas with steep terrain, consider using a stump grinder to safely reduce the size of stumps.

After stumps and other large items are cleared away, switch to a rake and shovel to finish up the area. Depending on the desired outcome of the plot, additional gardening tools such as a tiller, pickaxe, and hoe may be necessary.

Dispose of Any Debris or Junk

This can include trash, broken furniture, used tires, railway sleepers, and any scrap metal. When disposing of any old furniture, check for hazardous materials, such as asbestos or lead paint, before handling.

Once the items have been identified as safe, decommission them and carefully gather them for proper disposal. Wrap any sharp pieces of metal, such as roofs and gutters, and make sure they are secured or wear protective gloves when handling them.

Maximizing Efficiency for Clearing a Plot of Land

After all, is said and done, you now have the tools and knowledge to clear a plot of land safely. For the most part, it’s not as challenging or dangerous as you once thought.

With these helpful tips, you’ll now be able to prepare and clear an area with confidence. Start preparing your land today and enjoy the benefits of taking on this task!

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