Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are new motorcycles for better game experience:

The leaded images of Pokémon game is now available for Pokemon fans that covers Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Today, Pokemon officals presents the livestream of this new feature experience. Nintendo presents November month tent pole features with detail.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet  legendaries
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet legendaries

I share the official Pokemon stream below;

It announced in February. It consider as ninth generation games start. It’s the next entries in the  Nintendo’s juggernaut series. It is 3D, different views enabled. It’s the next update after Pokémon Sword and Shield 2019. Nintendo provides the release date of this feature in 18 November.

Koraidon and Miraidon also appear in this version. Those duo of legendaries also appear in recent updates. Those are giant dragons with silly and elegant looks. Players can ride them and control them. Today’s update explains about turning those dragons into motorcycles. Those motorcycles can fly and surf. They have legs that appear running while the giant tires running.

The Traversal gives the idea about unlocking those dragons with ease. Yet get chance of legendary Pokémon while fighting against 7th and 8th gym leaders.

You get the Bike in start along with other  traversal features. It’s an open world game. It means possibility towards any direction varies.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet doesn’t hurt your traversal techniques while using them. Today official stream clears about the regional name answers. Your game location is Paldea region. It exists on Iberian Peninsula.

There is no gigantic evolution happen to confuse the players about game.

Pokemon terastal

A new battle introduced in it. It’s  Tera Raid Battles. The Terastallization of pokemon happens here. The pokemon converts into various kind of absorbing type crystal. It appears in this summer. For example; Pikachu  can transforms into flying version as bonus.

Scarlet and Violet appear with different back grounds or grows in different scientific environment. Both acts as a mentor for untrained player characters. Scarlet and Violet acts as search giver.

Scarlet wears historical clothes style. Violet appears vin futuristic body suits. The fan takes it as time travel chance in game. People on internet excites ab Scarlet and Violet dressing reason.

The complete Pokédex not available yet. Nintendo provides the crucial parts of Pokemon. Sprigatito with grace green features and Fuecoco with fire type lizard are worthy for your team. The most attention getting  gen-9 Pokémon is Lechonk. Lechonk is a sad eyed bady pig. Quaxly (water based duck) appears as cope role. Read about death note.

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