How to Prevent Appliance Maintenance Problems

Your household appliances make a significant contribution to the happiness of your home. Your home is loaded with multiple household appliances. It is from your freezer and refrigerator to your washing machine and dryer. You may have observed that some cause you more trouble than others. According to facts, your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and dishwasher have the lowest life duration. It is among all home’s equipment and systems, lasting10-15 years since these appliances are used more regularly than others. Discovering simple ways to avoid expensive appliance repair in Sacramento through periodic maintenance can save you ample money and time.

Protect your appliances and your budget!

You notice a leaky washer, overheated refrigerator, faulty dryer, or strange noise from your dishwasher, it doesn’t usually indicate the costly repair or replacement. Instead of spending expensive repair costs for your appliances, begin with an ounce of prevention. You can make your appliances last longer if you know what to do. Here are some pointers for maintaining a few typical devices in pristine condition:


Since your refrigerator is the most utilized appliance in your home and consumes the most energy, it must be deep-cleaned regularly for safer and more efficient functioning. The ways to maintain the refrigerator’s optimal working encompasses:

  • Cleaning the condenser coils twice a year, cleaning and replacing the gasket as needed, doing interior cleaning, deodorizing, defrosting, and replacing the water filter in the ice maker or water dispenser.

Amidst all these maintenance steps, coil cleaning is imperative since uncleaned coils may disrupt the refrigerator’s functioning, causing the issues like temperature fluctuations that can contaminate your food.

Dryer Maintenance

This appliance has vastly streamlined the laundry procedure. When it comes to its maintenance, clearing out the lint trap after each cycle is critical to prevent overheating and fires. Using a snorkel brush, you may remove all the lint lodged deeper down in the web. A Shop-Vac will also work well. To verify that the web is fully clean, shine a flashlight on the bottom. Additionally, consider inspecting the dryer venting tube, the area outside the vent cap, and the interior. Take note of the drying time as well.

Washing machine

For the washing machine’s efficient functioning, it’s preferable to check its hoses and clean its ducts every six months to prevent safety hazards, such as floods and fires. Replace the hoses if they are five years old. Also, clean your filter screens with a bristles brush to remove accumulated sediment or debris, ensuring smooth water flow into the machine.      


People usually make the mistake of placing items in the dishwasher that still have food particles, causing the drain to clog with debris. If you discover formed food scraps inside, pour a cup of white vinegar into the dishwasher and run it to remove the food particles. Also, clean your dishwasher’s rubber gasket every few months to remove filth and ensure proper sealing.

The Bottom Line

While regular maintenance may lessen the likelihood of system malfunctions and breakdowns, mechanical difficulties are inevitable due to excessive use and wear and tear. With professional assistance, these problems are manageable. Whether you need a water heater or air conditioning repair in Sacramento, engaging the experts as soon as you discover the problem may prevent it from becoming severe.

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