How to Clean Vinyl Siding and Spruce up Your Home

Are you due for a cleaning session at home?

A clean home doesn’t only mean the inside of your home. A clean home exterior can also help with your home’s overall appeal. This includes vinyl siding cleaning.

But do you know how to clean vinyl siding at your home? Worry not, since we’re here to help guide you on the best way to clean vinyl siding at your home. Keep reading!

Preparing to Clean Vinyl Siding

Preparing to clean vinyl siding is the first step to sprucing up your home. Start by familiarizing yourself with how to clean vinyl siding properly. Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies.

These include a soft-bristled brush, a garden hose, a pressure washer, an outdoor cleaner, and mild detergent or homemade solution. Before you begin, gauge how dirty the siding is and choose an appropriate cleaning method.

After you select your cleaning method and gather your supplies, inspect the vinyl siding for any signs of damage or bowing. If your home has any, you’ll want to repair them before you start cleaning.

Simple Steps to Clean Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can easily become dirty over time and may need to be spruced up to bring life back to your home. To conveniently clean off dirt and mold, these simple steps should set you up nicely to refresh and clean your vinyl siding, sprucing up your home in the process.

Mix Your Vinyl Siding Cleaning Solution

The first step is to mix your vinyl siding cleaning solution. Ideally, you should use a non-toxic solution of one part bleach and five parts water.

You can also create a chemical-free solution using 70% water and 30% pure white vinegar. Mix the solution in a bucket sturdy enough for you to carry.

Washing the Siding

To effectively clean vinyl siding, start with a hose and a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt and debris from the surface. For more challenging stains, use a cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap. Move the cloth in a circular motion until the stains are gone.

For tougher stains, you may need to use a cleaning solution specifically designed for vinyl siding. This solution can either be the one you mixed or a store-bought solution.

Rinsing and Drying Before Finishing

After washing the siding, use a hose to rinse off the area and avoid pressure washers, as the high pressure can damage the siding. If necessary, you may need to scrub the stubborn areas to completely remove the stains. Finally, use a clean cloth to dry the siding.

DIY Cleaning vs Professional Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning vinyl siding and sprucing up your home, you can do the job yourself or bring in a professional cleaning company. DIY cleaning offers the flexibility to customize the job and possibly save some money. However, it does require a great deal of time and effort to do it right.

Professional cleaning companies have the experience and resources to provide a thorough cleaning that may not be achievable with DIY methods. They offer tailored maintenance services for your home itself.

You can also see these power washing services for reliable cleaning of your vinyl siding!

Follow These Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips Today

Cleaning vinyl siding can spruce up your home and give it a modern upgrade. With consistent care, you can maintain the luster and life of your siding.

So now that you know how to do it, why wait? Start sprucing your home up today!

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