How to Clean Tinted Car Windows

Tinted car windows can block up to 99% of UV radiation. So how can you clean your car windows to maintain this crucial benefit?

If your window tint gets dirty, you’ll obscure its filters. Dirty windows make it more difficult to see what’s on the road while driving.

Equipping yourself with the right tools and tricks will clean your tinted windows safely and effectively.

Continue reading to learn more. Below, we’ll offer some essential pointers for cleaning tinted car windows.

Put Car Under Shade

Sunlight can cause your window cleaning solution to evaporate too quickly for it to do its job. As a result, you may overuse products, which can get expensive in the long run. Cleaning your car windows will also take more time.

You’ll also concentrate harsh chemicals on the car window tint. This concentration can be too abrasive against the window film and damage it. Save yourself the headache and put your car under shade from the get-go.

Use the Right Products

When cleaning car windows, avoid harsh chemicals, especially ammonia. Ammonia is terrible for car window tint materials and can sharply decrease their longevity. While factory-tinted windows can withstand harsher substances, standard aftermarket window tints cannot.

It’s also essential to use the right tools. Click for window tint tools here to use materials manufactured explicitly for window tints, leading to an easier and more efficient clean.

Don’t Use Too Much Product

Overusing product wastes money and indicates that you’re spending too much effort cleaning your windows. Too much product can also dampen your tint.

The saturation could permanently affect the way it looks. Oversaturated window tints will also probably not last long since they’re more delicate and susceptible to damage when dampened.

Don’t Clean While Curing

Don’t start cleaning your car window tint right after installing it. After window tints are freshly installed, they cure and dry.

Besides, if your tint was just installed, it’s probably not dirty enough to clean. So have patience after installing a fresh new window tint. Doing so will ensure it properly cures and works effectively for the years to come.

Be Thorough

While cleaning your car windows, be thorough. Clean the weatherstripping and get into any surrounding grooves and crevices. Otherwise, the cleaning solution can leak into parts of your car, which can be a problem down the line.

Also, thoroughly washing away cleaning solution when you’re done with it ensures there isn’t excessive product on your car’s paint or plating. Although your vehicle is manufactured to withstand a lot, it will be more susceptible to damage if it’s frequently in contact with chemicals.

Perform Regular Maintenance

The dirtier your windows get, the more exponentially tricky cleaning it is. Neglected debris and pollutants can dry up and stick more stubbornly on your window.

So perform regular window tint cleaning as a part of essential car maintenance. That way, stains and pollutants are easier and quicker to clean.

An Essential Guide to Cleaning Tinted Car Windows

Tinted car windows provide a whole host of protective and financial benefits. But without a good method for cleaning tinted car windows, you could obscure these lucrative perks. So if you ever need help remembering how to maintain your car windows’ tinting, come back to this guide.

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