How To Clean Roof Solar Panels

Extensive weather data collection has confirmed that – when combined with wind energy – solar power could supply up to 80 percent of the United State’s needs.

While a lot of this potential is as yet untapped, Americans are finally recognizing the appeal of installing roof solar panels. Only 4 percent of US homes are solar-powered at present, but this figure is set to more than triple by 2030.

Not only can they save you money and help reduce your home’s carbon footprint, but solar panels are easy to maintain. Wondering how to clean roof solar panels to ensure that your latest investment remains as efficient as possible? Let’s find out!

Is Cleaning Roof Solar Panels Necessary?

Before we get into the how, it’s important to understand why you should clean roof solar panels.

Dirt and debris on solar panels can reduce their energy efficiency by around 7 percent in the US. And in the dry and dusty Middle East, this lost efficiency can be as much as 50 percent.

It’s common to assume that the rain will surely wash away any dirt. But, as any local solar panel installation company will tell you, you will need to clean your solar panels now and again.

If your panels have a lot of bird droppings on them, for example, rain might not be able to remove these. Or, if you live in a very arid climate, there might not be enough rainfall to ensure your solar panels are as clean as they should be.

How to Clean Roof Solar Panels

You can either hire a professional to clean your solar panels or do it yourself. Most people choose to DIY their solar panel cleaning since it’s a simple process that you can complete with the gear you already have at home.

Before you clean your panels for the first time, though, it’s wise to check with the installers to find out if they have any recommendations or warnings about cleaning your particular solar panels.

If not, the best way to clean solar panels is just as you’d clean your car, with a hose and a bucket of soapy water. Since you don’t want to scratch your solar panels, remember to use a non-abrasive sponge to apply the soapy water. Likewise, avoid using a high-pressure sprayer to rinse your panels off as this might also damage the panels.

As for the soap – if you use any – stick to dish soap. This is a lot gentler than laundry detergents and other household products, which can contain chemicals that interact with your solar panels.

Your Solar Panel Cleaning Guide

Clean roof solar panels tend to be more energy efficient so it’s important to keep yours free from dirt as much as possible.

And, now that you know how to clean roof solar panels, there’s no excuse for letting bird droppings and other debris build-up!

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