Below ice mountain OSRS: Explanation

Below Ice Mountain osrs is a free-to-play quest that focuses on assisting an ‘archaeologist’, Willow, who looks for to open an ancient collection of doors introducing the western side of Ice Mountain.

To get in Below Ice Mountain, gamers will certainly first lead a free newbie objective. After completing the goal, Jiang is enabled to go into Below Ice Hill.

below ice mountain osrs
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This is a journey packed with battling opportunities and ability tasks. Prepare your OSRS GP to fulfill the challenge with each other.

Willow has actually currently discovered the entry to the old below ground damages located west of the iceberg. The entry is obstructed and also she needs to reconvene the old staff to assist her break in. Burntof is an old dwarf that likes demolition, Checkal is a knowledgeable hefty lifter, and Marley is a shrewd thief that excels at deactivating traps.

After the staff is assembled, most likely to the old gate on the west side of the iceberg (marked by the dungeon symbol on the minimap), and talk to the willow tree, clear the entrance and also get in the ruins, the ancient guardian will be stired up by Burntof.

Fighting the Ancient Guardian

Gamers can select to kill it via conventional fight, however it is recommended that low-level gamers dig up the four structural columns in the corners of the area; this will create some rocks to fall, harm the golem as well as ultimately eliminate it. Guardians will maintain striking the player when making use of the mining technique, so bring sufficient food. Conversely, the guards can be found securely by hugging the east wall at the departure of the damages.

After beating the golem, the gamer will discover things from Willow’s bag that she panicked. Nonetheless, the door to the midsts of the hill opened up, exposing a dwarf called Ramano. Congratulations, mission full!

Starting the Pursuit with Willow:

Our initial job is to head to Willow, who is found to the south of the Dwarven Mine entry over at Ice Hill. Willow is a so-called archaeologist who will certainly inform you that she has situated a door beneath a heap of rocks. She will request your aid considering that she does not desire one more archaeologist ahead along and also take credit history for locating it.

As a result, we require to consent to aid her. You’ll be called for to persuade her group to assist her, though they have actually befalled with her. The 3 people you require to speak with are Checkal, Marley, and also Burntof. You can speak with these personalities in any kind of order you desire.


Check is the strongman who can be located in Barbarian Town. You will certainly require to verify your toughness to him if he is to associate Willow once again. To do so, you will need to train with Atlas, who you can discover over in the Long Hall tavern. Atlas will agree to educate you, which will certainly see a cutscene following and you will have the ability to use the Flex dramatize. Head back to Checkal and also use the emote, after which he will consent to help.


As the name loosely suggests, Burntof is a master of explosives. This time around, we are heading over to Falador to the Climbing Sunlight Inn. He will be drunk as well as ask you for a beverage. Buy one from the bartender as well as give it to Burntof, who will certainly then accept join the team on one problem.

You are mosting likely to need to defeat him best-of-three in a game of rock, paper, scissors. Regardless of what indicator you make use of, Burntof will aid since he’s as well inebriated to play anyhow.


You will certainly have been told to discover Marley’s location from Charlie the Tramp, however you can just go straight to Edgeville ruins to discover Marley rather. The thief will certainly desire a steak sandwich that you can obtain from heaven Moon Inn. Because Marley was prohibited from the inn, it resembles you’ll have to obtain him one on your own.

Head to Varrock and talk with the chef in the inn. He will still refuse to make the sandwich. He will inform you of the art that is involved. With a blade, some bread, as well as prepared meat, you can make the sandwich than take it back to Marley who will likewise agree to help.

Heading to the Ruins

Now that you have the crew prepared, it’s time for you to experience the ancient doors located to the west of Ice Hill. Consult with Willow and also the team will begin unblocking the entry to the location. With the rocks removed and the traps handicapped we can head in.

Willow will reveal that they aren’t in fact archaeologists, yet rather grave robbers searching for a large score.

She will not want you to sew them up to the authorities and also plans to eliminate you. Regrettably for her, Burntof sets off a catch that gets up the Ancient Guardian, triggering the team to make a run for it.

You can either eliminate the guardian with your typical fight abilities, or you can mine to 4 columns found in the room. This will certainly trigger rocks to fall as well as ultimately kill the guardian.

It’s not also tough, so you do not need to fret about having a Twisted Bow or anything. Regardless, loot the OSRS products from Willow’s bag when you have beat it. You will see the doors going even more down bring about a dwarf, Ramarno that has been inside these damages having actually survived the Runecrafting Campaigns.


For completing this pursuit, you will receive a pursuit point, 2,000 coins, and accessibility to the Ruins of Camdozaal. You aren’t mosting likely to need to acquire OSRS gold to strike all the requirements for this quest.

So do not fret about going someplace that has OSRS gold for sale. It is a short yet fun mission for you to participate in. It’s also offered to gamers who have complimentary accounts, so you don’t need to have a complete subscription in order for you to play it.

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